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Your clients need the right

We have the right cover depending on
their needs and risk.


Tax Risk Insurance cover is available as a step-in and a stand-alone, individually underwritten product. T&Cs apply.

Standalone products

Offering individuals and companies high levels of cover at affordable premiums.
An on-line portal is available to add to your website.

Insurance Options



from *R235 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R249 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R199 p/m

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Step-In Products

Add to commercial and personal policies – lower premiums, no up-front underwriting with cover.
Available on all broker administration systems.

Insurance Options


R50 000

From *R43 p/m


R110 000

From *R100 p/m

*Terms and Conditions apply.


We offer individuals, business owners and trusts immediate expert assistance from unfair or incorrect tax re-assessments that often come with being selected for a SARS' tax audit.

We guarantee:

  • Affordable premiums

  • Easy to understand cover

  • Cover is retrospective - no waiting periods

  • Access to South Africa’s top tax specialists/ lawyers

  • Once policy is active - assistance no matter how far back SARS reassesses

  • Fair tax treatment and audit outcomes

  • Your accountant’s fees are covered for services during the claim

  • Can claim more than once a year

  • Experts to assist you when there is an unexpected SARS’ tax audit and related disputes

  • Fixed indemnity limits so you know what you have available

Your clients need to know that:
  • Being tax compliant or having a great accountant is not guaranteed protection against a SARS tax audit.
  • SARS is under pressure to meet targets leading to increased audits.
  • A tax accountant cannot defend them in court.
  • SARS doesn’t always follow procedures and timelines.
  • Taxpayers are at risk as they don’t usually understand their rights.
  • Many tax assessments are irrational but the taxpayer pays the cost of an audit even if SARS is incorrect.
  • Where things go wrong, SARS must be engaged legally.
  • Cost to defend against a tax audit is financially debilitating.

Important Information

Product Material

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Become a Tax Risk Insurance Broker

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Why become a Tax Risk Insurance broker?

Partner up with Tax Risk Underwriting Managers and receive fantastic benefits, with our one-of-a-kind insurance product and extremely low pricing. Here’s how we can help you and your clients:


Affordable premiums mean your clients get the cover they need.


Product available on multiple administration platforms.

Easy to understand

Tax Risk Insurance is simple and easy for clients to understand.

Training and Marketing Support

Giving you the right assistance when you need it.

Easy Claims Process

We will assess the claim and notify you when your claim is approved.

Get the Competitive Edge

Offer your clients the best protection against SARS' tax audits.

Product structure

Giving your clients the cover they can afford – Tax Risk Insurance is available as a standalone or step-in.


One-page application and claim form.

Tax Risk Insurance online portal

As a broker, you want to ensure your services are easily accessible to your clients. Tax Risk has an online portal which you can host on your website. What does this mean?

  • applying for a tax risk policy has never been easier– no having to fill in manual application forms
  • policy activation takes a few minutes
  • portal is linked to your broker code so the client and commission is automatically allocated
  • You will be listed as a broker partner on our website with direct link to your website

If you wish to host the Tax Risk Insurance online portal on your website, please contact us on so we can set it up.

Example of the Tax Risk online portal