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With SARS under pressure to meet TAX revenue targets - don’t become a statistic!


Insurance Options


R100,000 cover

from *R235 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R249 p/m


R250,000 cover

from *R199 p/m

*Terms and Conditions apply.


The cost of defending your case or justifying your position to SARS can be considerable.
We cover the cost of defending:


The Indemnity Limit for the product category selected is fixed so your client knows what is available and is equal to the Annual Rand Limit or the Annual Hours Limit, whichever is the lesser. Terms and conditions apply.


  • Audits and disputes which have commenced prior to the inception of the policy

  • Audits from tax returns which were submitted late, without extensions being granted

  • Where proper records were not kept

  • Where fraud or crime is involved

  • Costs of tax return preparation

  • Matters outside RSA borders

  • Any taxes, interest, penalties or fines correctly imposed by SARS

We are South African taxpayers’ trusted provider of Tax Risk insurance

SARS' tax audited 1,5 out of every 10 taxpayers in South Africa in 2018/19. SARS is facing in excess of R300 billion tax shortfall. They are under pressure to meet targets, which means more detailed audits are being carried out to curb tax avoidance.

While you may have a competent accountant or tax practitioner, this does not guarantee absolute protection against a SARS' tax audit. If your accountant is not 100% up to speed because of the ever-changing tax legislation or your tax assessment by SARS is irrational, you could be at risk of losing large amounts of money. If this happens, your accountant is not qualified to defend you in a court of law. YOU are always 100% responsible and accountable for your tax affairs.

Tax Risk Underwriting Managers offers individuals, business owners and trusts selected for a SARS' tax audit immediate assistance by appointing a team of tax professionals to argue your case.

How much does the cover cost?

Not much, considering the risk you’re facing! From only *R210 for individuals and *R219 for businesses monthly, you will get Tax Risk Insurance cover you need for total peace of mind. That’s less than an average business lunch for one!

Premiums are dependent on your annual taxable income for personal taxpayers, or annual turnover for companies.

* Terms and Conditions apply


  • Only protection of its kind in South Africa in the event of SARS' tax audits and related disputes

  • Available for businesses, individuals and trusts

  • SARS is targeting SMMEs, trusts and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

  • Cost of a SARS' tax audit and related disputes can run into thousands of Rands

  • No matter how good your accountant/tax practitioner is, you may be selected for a tax audit

  • Sometimes you need to go to court - tax lawyers are expensive

  • Incorrect tax assessments can bankrupt you

  • Cost of a SARS' tax audit can force you to shut down your business


We offer individuals, business owners and trusts immediate expert assistance from unfair or incorrect tax re-assessments that often come with being selected for a SARS' tax audit.

We guarantee:

  • Affordable premiums

  • Easy to understand cover

  • Cover is retrospective - no waiting periods

  • Access to South Africa’s top tax specialists/ lawyers

  • Once policy is active - assistance no matter how far back SARS reassesses

  • Fair tax treatment and audit outcomes

  • Your accountant’s fees are covered for services during the claim

  • Can claim more than once a year

  • Experts to assist you when there is an unexpected SARS’ tax audit and related disputes

  • Fixed indemnity limits so you know what you have available

Our Claims Process

If you receive a notification within 30 days of a SARS’ tax audit or related dispute, DO NOT RESPOND to SARS.
Contact Tax Risk Underwriting Managers immediately.

Notify us on 0861 473 738 or at within 30 days of SARS tax audit.

We will assess the claim and notify you when your claim is approved.

Tax specialists will be appointed.

Your defence starts immediately.

Once we are notified of the SARS’ tax audit or related dispute, we take ownership of the tax audit to ensure the best possible outcome.

Interested in getting a Tax Risk Insurance cover?

Case Studies

Mr Cassim’s owns a shoe retail shop in the commercial centre of Durban. He pays his taxes and submits his tax returns regularly and on time. He has a very good accounting firm taking care of his accounting and tax affairs.

Following the submission of his latest returns by his accountant via e-filing, SARS requested Mr Cassim’s accountant to submit some supporting documents to his tax returns. This is nothing unusual. SARS often calls for supporting documentation to verify the information contained in a filed tax return.

But then SARS called Mr Cassim directly for an appointment to further their investigation.

Mr Cassim is a Tax Risk Insurance policyholder and calls Tax Risk Underwriting Managers before the meeting for some advice. This was the correct thing to do, as this meeting would clearly have infringed on Mr Cassim’s rights as a taxpayer. He might have inadvertently incriminated himself, as Mr Cassim is not a tax expert.

Tax Risk Underwriting Managers notified SARS that our tax attorney service provider will be acting on behalf of Mr Cassim. We were able to successfully represent Mr Cassim in this matter, ensuring that SARS followed due process as required by the Tax Administrations Act and that Mr Cassim’s rights were equally protected.

Our client is a Trust, which holds the interests of a farm in the Western Cape.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the Trustees, one Trustee is audited by SARS and found wanting. SARS then proceeded to also conduct an audit on the Trust.

During the audit, SARS disallowed all the VAT inputs and underlying expenses in the farm for the past 10 years. The reason for this decision was not made clear.

This translated into an outstanding tax bill to SARS of just short of R10 million. Tax Risk Underwriting Managers stepped in to defend the case. After the cost of R150 000 in professional defence fees – SARS conceded and overturned their original decision.

The matter was settled on a PAYE short payment of R2 000, which occurred due to an administrative error on the part of the Trust. The Trust then paid this outstanding R2 000 to SARS, together with a small amount in penalties and interest.

Tax Risk Insurance rescues SMME from SARS nightmare

Mr Jones,* a sole trader, operating a medium-sized sales business from a smallholding in the northern parts of Johannesburg, believes that taking out Tax Risk Insurance for his company, saved his business from financial ruin.

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